Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A is for Alligator!

I've been staying busy with many many projects, here's on of my favorites.
I knit an alligator (actually 2 of them), only my looms. It's about 4 feet long (not quite) and 6 inches wide. I wrote the pattern as I went along, used decreases and increases which I had just recently learned and the basic loom knit stitches. I made him in sections and pieced those together. I double stitched the seams around the joints, so they should be nice and durable. The tail, has a seam along the top, which I sewed together in such a way as to create a ridge and give the tail a bit of curl.

Here is the second gator... the first has already gone to my nephew, this one will go to Karen's niece. I'm offering another one for sale in my shop, as a made to order item. I'm going tomake some more critters later :)

The Gator

Here's a bonus picture of my nephew recieving his alligator.