Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Rodent Kingdom has expanded!

Earlier tonight, I found these little cuties had been born almost a week early! That's not really a problem for them, guinea pigs take due dates as a slight suggestion, nothing more. Guinea pigs reproduce like tribbles... you're never really sure when you're going to get more. When you do, they are just 'there' the birth process is generally short and undramatic and the little ones are running around the cage nibbling on hay in a few hours. They look like little stuffed animals.

We have 2 girls (the red and white and one of the whites) and 1 boy so far. There may be another 1 on the way in this litter. I have a few other sows who are also due in the next week or 2. These are not your average guinea pig. They are texels, when they're grown up they'll have long wavy to curly hair like poodles.

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Sara said...

They're cute, congrats on your new friends!